We’ve Got Big Luv for Admin Pros

Admin Pro Day!

Hot Box Cookies celebrates all kinds of professionals throughout the year by providing a product and service that suits everyone’s gifting needs. Even in the serious corporate world, who doesn’t love taking a little break with cookies? Whether you’re gifting a beautiful box of our warm cookies to a client, boss, or employee, you’ll be happy that you made Hot Box Cookies part of your professional life. Made with all-natural, premium, locally-sourced ingredients, gifting our cookies to someone says that you care about both deliciousness and quality.

While we encourage gifting our cookies to anyone and everyone, April 24th is dedicated to some very special people: Administrative Professionals. That’s right, National Admin Pro Day is on Wednesday. If you have an admin pro in your life, we’re giving you a chance to treat them right with free delivery on your order. They coordinate your calendars, your office supply orders, and your client relationships. So coordinate a delivery of fresh-baked cookies for that fresh employee. Use the code ADMINLUV and your cookies will come to your office with zero delivery fee. Here are some ways you can reward them with decadence for their excellence.

Order a dozen…

…of their favorite flavor from our menu. If you want to surprise them, you’ll have to be stealthy in how you ascertain what their favorite flavor is. Try slipping the question into casual conversation. Example: “I need you to cancel my Friday meeting, and tell me what your favorite Hot Box Cookies flavor is.” Very sly.

Order a cookie cake…

…with their name on it! Their eyes might tear up when they see “Thank you, Francis!” on a cookie cake you ordered to honor them!

Order a couple dozen

warm cookies for the office so everyone can celebrate, but make sure to order just one bottle of milk designated for that super duper Admin Pro. They’ll surely feel like Hot Box royalty with their refreshing bottle of milk, while the others in your group are forced to settle for water to wash down their delicious treats. At the end of the day, though, everyone wins on Admin Pro Day.

While you’re thinking about cookies in the workplace, why not sign up for a Corporate Gifting account? Do business deliciously! You might be amazed at the difference it makes.

Hot Box CookiesWe’ve Got Big Luv for Admin Pros
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