The Most Doobious Day of the Year

Get Baked with Hot Box

It’s the dopest time of the year! The 3-day countdown is in motion for our favorite holiday, 4/20. Grab your buds and come celebrate with Hot Box Cookies. On April 20th only, snag 6 chocolate chip cookies for $4.20. Who doesn’t love satisfying the munchies while saving some green? The answer’s not doobious. And at Hot Box, fresh-baked is the only baked that makes the grade.

Just like last year, we’re planting magical stamps in the cookie boxes of a few lucky customers. Whoever finds our Get Baked stamp in their box on 4/20 wins a free dozen! We really can’t hash it out any clearer. So don’t forget to look for that golden ticket when you claim your $4.20 cookies on 4/20. Mary Jane will never forgive you if you throw it away.

For those in the Tower Grove area of St. Louis, be sure to come to our new South Grand location! We are loving this neighborhood and welcome everyone to check out our new home.

Since we 4/20 revelers know how to appreciate Mother Nature, let’s not forget to also acknowledge National Earth Day on 4/22. The better we take care of the Earth, the longer humanity can stick around to eat Hot Box Cookies. But seriously, respect the earth, people! Enjoy the greenness of April and acknowledge that we all must do our part to make our planet healthy, clean, and beautiful for future generations of cookie lovers.

Hot Box CookiesThe Most Doobious Day of the Year
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