Long Live The Dad Bod

Celebrating Fathers with Hot Box Cookies

Good ol’ pops. He’s never easy to shop for, is he? All we know for certain is this: he doesn’t want another tie for Father’s Day. Dads give their kids endless support, love, and laughs on a daily basis, and Father’s Day is the perfect time to reward their valiance and bad puns with the gift of fresh-baked Hot Box Cookies. Since we’re proud supporters of a little extra cushion, use the promo code “DADBOD” to waive the delivery fee all week until Sunday, July 16. We have plenty of gift options to help your favorite father-figure feel the love.

Go All Out

Is your dad a ham? Does he have a flair for theatrics? Then go all out for Father’s Day with a warm box of his favorite cookies, a fancy red ribbon, a card with a personalized message, and a balloon! With twelve cookie flavors to choose from, you’re sure to assemble a fresh-baked batch that will put the kind of smile on his face that will make your whole year.

Monster Cookies!

Your dad always checked for monsters under your bed and in your closet. Now you can repay the favor by giving dad a few Monster Cookies to thank him for protecting you! This gluten-friendly cookie will be his new best friend.

Cookies & Milk

Whose dad doesn’t enjoy watching a movie and dipping cookies into a cold glass of milk? This Father’s day, put on your pop’s favorite flick and have cookies and milk delivered right to his door. At Hot Box, we pride ourselves on using fresh ingredients. We’re proud to now sell lactose-free milk so every dad can enjoy the age-old classic of a hot, fresh cookie dunked in some ice-cold milk. We even have strawberry and chocolate-flavored Fairlife, if you’re feeling fancy.

Dad Party!

Make Father’s Day a big hoopla and get all your friends, their dads, and your friends who are dads out onto that backyard patio. Sure, there may be a throwdown over who gets to man the grill, but let Hot Box Cookies be in charge of dessert. We have more than just cookies and milk to spice up your shindig. Look into Hot Box Catering and book an ice cream social! Our eyes water with joy as we imagine all those dads with ice cream mustaches and chocolate chip stains on their Hawaiian shirts.

Hot Box CookiesLong Live The Dad Bod
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