Hot Mom’s Day Deals

A Few of Mom’s Favorite Things

The merry month of May has arrived, and we all know what that means: Mother’s Day is coming. That means that it’s time to plan the perfect present for the perfect woman. Fret not! April showers are over, and now Hot Box Cookies is prepared to help you shower your mom with love. This year, you’ll have a pair of gifts that will make her regret giving birth to you a little less.

Flowers & Cookies

We all know that the traditional Mother’s Day gift duo is flowers and chocolates. Not surprisingly, we favor giving flowers and cookies. Our gift delivery service will allow you to send your mom a box of fresh-baked cookies, complete with a bow and card that expresses your adoration. Or, you can deliver the beautiful warm box to her yourself–because the greatest gift of all will always be you, right? We know she’ll love you no matter what (hopefully)–but it’s always nice to make mom feel especially appreciated with a premium treat made with locally-sourced ingredients, that’s baked with motherly care.

But what about the flowers? She needs something pretty to look at while she’s enjoying her scrumptious cookies! This year, we took the initiative to help you acquire those May blossoms at an a-MAY-zing discount. Do you live in St. Louis or Lawrence? If you do, you’re in luck, because we have some flowery friends in those cities!

St. Louis

If you’re looking for flowers in St. Louis, purchase your Mother’s Day bouquet from Botanicals Design Studio. When you order cookies from Hot Box, you’ll be able to use the promo code FLOWERMOM to receive 10% off on any order from this charming flower shop on S. Grand Avenue.


If you’re purchasing blooms in Lawrence, order from our friends at Englewood Florist. At checkout, use the promo code HOTBOX519 to collect 10% off any $50+ order. Local delivery only!

With cookies in one hand and a beautiful floral arrangement in the other, your mom will be blushing with pride that her progeny succeeded in making Mother’s Day so delicious and delightful. And don’t forget that she needs the perfect beverage to wash down those cookies! We’re rolling out our new lactose-free milk! Your mom was always there for you with cookies and milk. Now be there for her with a milk option that is both cow-friendly and tummy-friendly. When cows win and your mom’s tummy wins, we all win.

Hot Box CookiesHot Mom’s Day Deals
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