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    National Milk Day

    Can You Milk Me, Greg?

    National Milk Day on January 11 commemorates the day that many think the first milk deliveries in glass bottles began in the United States. Well, we deliver milk and cookies. And it only makes sense that we celebrate the Yin to our Yang. Below, we’ll guide you through our best deals to celebrate the day.

    24 Cookies & 4 Milks

    This amazing deal is just the thing to show your friends you’re the milk master. 24 cookies and 4 milks ensure everyone is able to go to Dunknation in style.

    24 Cookies, A Pint of Ice Cream & 2 Milks

    Yeah. Ice cream is milk, too. So, don’t leave it out on National Milk Day and snag this amazing deal. You’ll be making decadent ice cream sandwiches in no time. Because if milk wasn’t already cookies BFF, ice cream would slide right into those DMs.

    Just Add Milk

    Look, you don’t have to head down those paths. 24 cookies is a lot to take on and sometimes you just want a late night snack for just yourself. We’ve got you. Just add a milk to any order and you’re doing this day right.

    Whatever you do. Be sure to stop by or order online and make sure to make Milk Day complete with a few cookies from HBC.

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    Hot Box CookiesNational Milk Day
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    Hot Box Cookies Wants to be Your Study Buddy

    Feast or Finals. Why Choose?

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Oh wait, it’s finals week. Not so wonderful. But don’t stress any more than you have to. We have 5 reasons why Hot Box Cookies will help you get through finals–just try not to smudge your notes too much with the gooey goodness.

    Free Delivery

    1. First and foremost: FREE delivery. We know the struggles of finals week, so to help you struggle a little less, we’ll chauffeur your fresh-baked cookies to you for no charge. Simply order with promo code: FINALS, valid 12/9-12/11.

    A Done Deal

    1. Our cookie deals can help make you the most popular roommate, suitemate, floormate, or matemate. They’re available in boxes of 6, 12, 18, 24 & 36. You could be the talk of the campus. You could change your whole life by providing your friends and frienemies with cookies galore.

    Let Us Slide Into Your Inbox

    1. College doesn’t come for free, but you can get a free cookie or two if you play your cards right. Sign up for our newsletter and get a cookie on us. And, take advantage of our December promotion and buy 6 cookies to get 1 free.

    Inspired Learning

    1. The usual suspects just don’t cut it. When it comes to finals snacking, you could tear into that bag of chips or rip into that candy bar–but where’s the inspiration? Imagine yourself chomping on some flimsy, stale potato chips. Now imagine yourself sensuously biting into a soft, warm cookie. Which is more satisfying? No need to answer.

    Fueled By Flavor

    1. Our flavors will fuel you. Eat an oatmeal raisin cookie for some fiber so you can kick some finals’ butts. Eat a peanut butter cookie for some powerful protein. Eat any of our chocolatey cookies to release endorphins in the brain, reducing stress and pain. Sure, cookies aren’t meant to be healthy per se, but they have some serious finals-busting superpowers.
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    Hot Box CookiesHot Box Cookies Wants to be Your Study Buddy
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    Thank You from HBC

    Six Cookies Now Equal 7

    Happy Holidays from all of us at Hot Box Cookies. As we head into 2019 there are so many exciting new changes on the horizon. We’re expanding our operations in St. Louis and a few other small changes you may notice over the next few months. With these new changes, we wanted to celebrate all of the excitement with free cookies. For the month of December, we’ll be offering 1 free cookie for every 6 you order as a gift for being such great customers. We’re looking forward to an amazing 2019 with all of you.

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    Hot Box CookiesThank You from HBC
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    National Cookie Day 2018

    You get a cookie. You get a cookie. Everyone gets a cookie.

    They say it’s the season of giving, but maybe you’re more into taking during the month of December. We don’t discriminate against you Scrooges and Grinches–not on National Cookie Day. Everyone gets a free cookie. Even your mortal enemy gets a free cookie if they want one; which, why wouldn’t they? Delicious and free? That’ll make your heart grow three sizes.


    On December 4th, come into one of our stores to get your free cookie. All you have to do is show the cashier that you shared our post on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and just like that, you get a free fresh-baked cookie from us.

    National Cookie Day has its origins on Sesame Street, being designated for November 26th back in 1976. The Blue Chip Cookie Company disagreed with Cookie Monster’s date and began celebrating Cookie Day on December 4th in 1987. And here we are in 2018, ready to serve up some free scrumptious treats in the final month of the year.


    That’s not all we’re doing to celebrate National Cookie Day. Today, like and tag a friend on our Instagram post for a chance to win a dozen cookies. The winner will be chosen on the 5th. And tomorrow we have another contest! Like and retweet on Twitter to possibly win a dozen cookies. The winner will be chosen on the 7th.


    With all this excitement, let’s throw in one more thing! We’re delighted for the upcoming opening of our newest location on Grand Avenue. That’s right–after getting drinks at CBGB and a slice at Pizza Head, you’ll be able to satisfy your sweet tooth in the best possible way: at Hot Box Cookies!

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    Hot Box CookiesNational Cookie Day 2018
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