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    Do Your Business Deliciously

    At Hot Box Cookies, the only thing we love more than seeing our customers enjoy our cookies is seeing them give our cookies away as gifts. We’re all about spreading joy through gift-giving, and whenever we can be a part of that act–when we can help you make someone else happy–we’re happy. And we know that gifts aren’t just for your mother on her birthday or your best friend on Christmas. Gifting is part of many relationships, and relationships are a part of business. We’re talking about corporate gifting, and how our corporate gifting program will make it easy for you to strengthen the important relationships in your work life.

    Are you looking for a unique way to say “thank you” to your clients? They’ll be delighted to receive a box of fresh-baked cookies at their desk or door. Hot Box Cookies will help you create a memorable, relationship-building moment between you and the clients you value.

    As for your employees, we know you’ll make their day by ordering them this warm treat. Cookies in the office? Score! You’ll succeed in conveying that you appreciate your employees’ hard work, and you’ll boost team morale so they’ll keep working for you. It’s a win for everyone.

    And if you’re the employee in this situation, don’t forget about your boss! While your co-workers may ridicule you for kissing your boss’ gluteus maximus, you’ll know they’re just jealous that they didn’t think to do it first.

    There are many corporate holidays throughout the year on which you can take the opportunity to give a scrumptious gift to those you hold dear in the business realm. Administrative Professional Week is coming up in April! Don’t worry, Hot Box will always be here to let you know when opportunities pop up.

    Become a part of our corporate gifting program by creating an account here! We’re ready to do business, are you?

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    Hot Box CookiesDo Your Business Deliciously
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    Slide on into S. Grand

    Hot Box Opens on South Grand

    Do you live in or near the Tower Grove area of St. Louis? You’re in for a treat. We’re READY for you, so come get your cookie on with us at the corner of Grand and Arsenal. We’ve had loyal customers living in this area for years who have utilized our Central West End location. Now, we’re proud to be able to serve them in their own neck of the woods! We love Tower Grove and are so excited to be part of the neighborhood, expanding our delivery zone so that we can reach more people, faster! Once we get deliveries rolling from this location (which will be soon!), wait times will be reduced for all our customers who live east of Skinker.

    • South Grand

    • South Grand

    • South Grand

    • South Grand

    We’re currently open to the public, but our Grand Opening has yet to happen. We’ll keep you in the know about when this momentous occasion will take place. We’ll be inviting the whole neighborhood to come out and sample our delicious cookies. You don’t want to miss it! In the meantime, visit our spankin’ new location and grab yourself a warm one! Ovens are fired, spatulas are turning…all that’s missing is you!

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    Hot Box CookiesSlide on into S. Grand
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    Hot Box Cookies is for Lovers (and Haters)

    We love Valentine’s Day because it’s the biggest day of the year to share all the love we hold inside our hearts, and inside our cookies. Call us hopeless romantics, but we think that our cookies have just the right ingredients to sweeten the mood between you and your special someone. Wait, you don’t have a special someone? You hate Valentine’s Day? That’s fine by us; we’re here to fill everyone’s day with love, no matter your relationship status. You can be a Valentine’s Day Hater, just love the fact that we’re offering free delivery on preorders and some of these other fun promos. Here are some ways you can get your fill of Hot Box this February 14th.

    A Heart to Heart

    This Valentine’s Day, we’re showing extra love to our much-adored flavor, Red Velvet. We’re crafting decadent, heart-shaped Red Velvet Cookie Cakes that are the perfect aesthetic and size to present to your special Valentine. This level of beautiful deliciousness comes from the bottom of our hearts.

    Free Delivery on Preorders

    Maybe you’re opting to eat dessert at home on Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart–so romantic! Just like planning ahead is important when it comes to bringing…supplies…it’s important when it comes to buying cookies. We want you to plan ahead by preordering your cookies between 2/7 and 2/13, with the Promo code BEMINE9. Your great planning skills will earn you free delivery on the big day, and maybe more. Spontaneity is romantic–but planning can be romantic, too.

    Dessert Date

    If you’re planning to dine out on Valentine’s Day, we hope you have dinner reservations. The good thing is, you won’t need reservations for dessert. After a romantic dinner, sweep your date off his or her feet by bringing them to Hot Box Cookies for some pheromone-releasing treats. You can try going Lady & the Tramp style with a cookie, but we have a feeling it will end up a bit messy.

    A Gift Pack to Remember

    If you’d rather stick with one of our deals, such as 6 cookies for $8, be sure to include some Red Velvets! They’re redder than the reddest rose, and much more satisfying to eat. If you’re feeling fancy, we’ll package your goodies with a red ribbon, and finish off the spectacle with a romantic balloon. This kind of gift would make a girl more excited than an engagement ring. Well, maybe not. But if an engagement does happen, remember, we cater weddings!

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    Hot Box CookiesHot Box Cookies is for Lovers (and Haters)
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    Coming in Hot for Football Sundays

    Hot, Hot, Box

    If you’re a hardcore football fan, you’re probably having a ball this time of year. Sure, the holidays are over, but you still have Football Sundays. And while people are finally tearing down their Christmas lights, the stadium lights shine brighter than ever. Football Sunday is the real holiday for you. We respect that, and we want to be part of the festivities–whether you watch the games with your buddies, your significant other, or upon a Couch of Solitude. Here are some ways we can make YOUR game-days superior to…other people’s game-days.

    Cookie Deals for Champions

    Don’t make a fumble by forgetting our Cookie Deals. We have boxes of 6, 12, 18, 24, and 36. So if you’re having a bunch of pals over, go for a bigger deal! If you’re solo, or just snuggling with your better half, get a smaller deal! Get your playbook out, make your strategy, and order those cookies!

    The Delivery Person is the MVP Here

    We have special delivery promotions, because even the toughest of football fans need to feel some love.

    • On 1/20, order with promo code NFL2019. Watch your team crush their conference championship while you’re crushing cookies with your teeth.
    • On 2/3, use promo code SUPER19, so that you can cheer and groan between delicious bites of warm deliciousness. Whether you’re doing more cheering or more groaning, we’ll be there for you.

    A Full-Blown Blitz

    Throwing a blowout Super Bowl Party? Your guests are probably just expecting oversized bowls of chips, but not at YOUR Super Bowl Party. Yours will be special, because you chose Hot Box Cookies. Bring on the crowd, we can handle it with our catering deals. Need 100 cookies? How about 500 cookies? Wow, that’s a big party, are we invited?


    Practice your Formation

    You can also impress guests with your attention to detail by purchasing a football-shaped cookie cake. Just don’t try to throw it around, it might fall apart.

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    Whatever your Football Sunday plans are, plan to take them to the next level with Hot Box Cookies.

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    Hot Box CookiesComing in Hot for Football Sundays
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