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Knock yourself out. We’re not your mom.
All our products are made in the same kitchen and we do not recommend you order our cookies if your allergy is serious. Health isn’t a laughing matter.
Yep! Just click on "Take N' Bake" in our menu. 
Cookie cakes take about an hour to bake, cool, and decorate.  For gauranteed satisfaction, give us at least a few hours notice for cookie cake deliveries and pickups.
Yep! You can order from anywhere to anyone in our delivery area. They'll thank you for it, too. 
That’s a definite maybe. We like to stay close to home, but if you’re located in a neighboring town and it’s a big enough delivery, we’ll consider it. Depends on how busy we are. 

If we can't swing it, you could always ship our cookies. 
Incentives. We love online orders because it helps with speed and accuracy. It also saves you time and you can earn Hot Box Rewards! What's sweeter than that?
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